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Enviromental Policy

Calhoun (Catfish Calhoun Inc.) is committed to minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment, both local and global, and will take measures to reduce waste wherever possible.

This strategy includes:

  • *To minimize waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.
  • *To actively promote recycling both internally and amongst its customers and suppliers.
  • *To source and promote a product range to minimize the environmental impact of both production and distribution.
  • *To meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to the Company.
  • *Calhouns asks staff and customers to raise awareness of environmental issues and enlist their support in improving the Company‚Äôs performance.

Some examples to show our commitment to our environment, which are in practice today include:

  • *Some 300 trees planed on factory property.
  • *Reduced waste by 80% by recycling of paper, plastic, metal and composting.
  • *Developed a rain water retention program to keep rain water out of the sewers and use for irrigation.
  • *Participated in energy audits and heat and electricity saving programs with programmable thermostats, LED lighting etc.